Working with LGBTQ+ Athletes: Considerations for Sport Psychologists, Coaches, and Other Sport Practitioners

If you work in sport and you think this article doesn’t apply to you, you’re wrong. Every coach, sport psychologist, and other practitioner in the field has, had, and/or will have an LGBTQ+ athlete under your guidance and care. Whether they choose to be visible or not is entirely their business and it’s not your job to say otherwise. However, it is your job to ensure that the space you are providing to practice and participate in sport is built around an inclusive, safe, accessible, and empowering climate for all your athletes.

Building Power for Endurance and Endurance for Power

By Dirk Smith, M.Sc, SDL (He/Him) At first glance, the title sounds contradictory, as any coach, athlete or experienced gym goer might know, power and endurance are not exactly synonymous with each other. In certain sports, most notably swimming which inspired this article, but also cycling, wrestling, gymnastics, speed skating, and rowing having power and … Continue reading Building Power for Endurance and Endurance for Power

Emotional Regulation Strategies for Endurance Sport Athletes

Endurance sports are some of the most challenging and brutal physical activities that humans can take part in. Yet, for these same reasons they also endure as one of the most popular challenges that people take on. From the elite level all the way to the beginner, endurance sports include events like marathon running, open … Continue reading Emotional Regulation Strategies for Endurance Sport Athletes

Strength Training for Top Surgery, Tips for Trans Men and Non-Binary People

For a lot of trans men, top surgery is recognized as one of the major guiding points in gender affirming care. During top surgery, the surgeon will remove the breasts, remove excess skin, and if necessary, reposition the nipples. For most trans men, this is a generally positive, life changing experience and goes a long way toward enhancing gender identity by adjusting appearance to fit more in line with a masculine gender identity. Chest-focused weight lifting can enhance the contour of your chest and improve your final results over time.

Exercise and Living with HIV/AIDS

By Dirk Smith, MSc, CSCS, SDL (He/Him) It’s no doubt that HIV/AIDS has had a huge impact on the LGBTI community; it has affected many people within our community. Today over 36.7 million people are living with HIV/AIDS and there have been many advancements in educational, prevention and treatment services offered that have turned the disease from … Continue reading Exercise and Living with HIV/AIDS