Coaching and Consulting Centered on Building Athletes

Online Coaching


  • Customized Strength and Conditioning Program.
  • Delivered via the Trainerize App.
  • Video Demonstations of All Exercises.
  • Ability to Track Performance Progress.
  • Connection to MyFitnessPal for Nutrition.
  • Regular communication with Dirk via the Trainerize App and Monthly Check Ins.

Custom Plans Start at $100 a month


What We Teach:

  • Developing a Well-Rounded Athlete.
  • Developing the Athlete Without Sport.
  • Effects of Discrimination on Sport Performance.
  • Emotion Regulation and Performance Anxiety.
  • Building Community Capacity with Sport.
  • Social Identity in Sport Development.
  • Diversity, Equity/Equality, and Inclusion in Sport.
  • Slow paced breathing.
  • Motivational Climate and Performance.

The list of topics are focused on what Dirk has already taught and consulted with his athletes, teams, and organizations. However the knowledge, experience and expertise Dirk offers expands well beyond those few bullet points. The initial part of a consultation involves conducting a needs analysis to help Dirk better understand what you, your athletes, and your team needs while adapting his work to fit those needs.

Pricing is determined on a case by case basis on the agreement of both Stonewall Performance and the client.


Hire Dirk to conduct a workshop or training camp for your organization. We cover various topics such as those listed above in sport science, sport psychology and sports diversity.

Club/Team Work

We consult/coach with clubs, teams, schools, organizations, and national governing bodies on strength and conditioning, athletic development, sport psychology, DEI training and continuing education.


Dirk works with students, coaches, athletes in various capacities. From offering guidance to proofreading English language theses. You can “pick my brain” starting at 50€/30 min.

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