I first met Dirk in 2016, during a spin class that he teaches at my local gym. I found that I enjoyed his classes so much that, later on, I decided to hire him as a personal trainer. I wanted help with an exercise plan and to work on my pull-ups, but what I got was so much more than I had hoped to receive. Dirk’s training helped me push through and conquer both mental and physical boundaries. I have newfound confidence in many exercises I’d never expected to enjoy (*ahem* stair crawls …) and I’ve been able to begin more difficult and heavier weight lifting routines.

Physical fitness wasn’t the only benefit of working with Dirk. Unknowingly, he also helped nurture a great deal of self confidence and body positivity. Beyond aesthetics, I became proud of what my body was and is capable of doing.

It has always been obvious to me that Dirk is unlike most trainers. His passion for fitness is contagious, his training methods are fun and effective, and he has always been genuinely invested in my goals and success. I really feel as if he cares. It also helps that Dirk is a really fun person to be around, which I think makes exercising a lot more enjoyable.